Sunday, April 1, 2007

Brockenhurst Fire Bell

This is the story of a bell. Passed by thousands. Noticed by a few. It lies on a busy crossroads in the centre of a bustling New Forest village on the south coast of England. Mounted on a heavy post over 20 feet high it once rang out to summon the local fire engine. Now it rings just once a year. To remember those who died in war on Remembrance Sunday.
The New Forest is a truly beautiful place. Established over 900 years ago as a Royal hunting area it is now the newest National Park in the UK enjoying special protection to preserve its unique character.Brockenhurst lies in the heart of the Forest. Once peaceful , it now has large numbers of tourists and college students giving the feel of a much larger place than a village of about 3500 residents. The photos show the bell in its location and provide images of the village centre and the surrounding countryside

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